three whitches talked were they are going to meet next and shackspear talked abought the theater

person1. yea person 2 thanks for answering gesa now wot i mean person 3 making us rince out our credit all night person 2 mr doars is well on the war path with ya bruv person 1 coz on that bag and that person 2 what bag cos u missed the the lissen chef person […]

But love gives them power, and time gives them the chance to meet, sweetening the extreme danger with intense pleasure. the metaphor conveys that the chorus does not want them to meet and never fall in the love. ? But he has to make his speeches of love to a woman who’s supposed to be his […]

the armoured being in the corner glooms while the sword rake will shine in pride as the being will stride and bloom the sword rake thus hide the being swoops toward his sword must come forth he thus comes forward the being thus come north the being grasps the sword the blade sliced through thus […]

It’s all over, for the robots that we so fondly loved and appreciated, turned against us. All we know is that we are the last people on the earth. Occasionally we might think we see other people but they are just the model 6459. Our leader taught us how to destroy the robots but they […]

between the soldiers is a car with weapons to invade the multi billion dollar building. inside the building, we snuck with our ak47s and hand grenades. around us, alarms rang our men shouted fire our guns were blazing. inside the building,  bodies were dropping like flys each person screamed as they fell. within the building, it was a success. around […]

Romeo killed Paris Juliet and Romeo killed themselves