It’s all over, for the robots that we so fondly loved and appreciated, turned against us. All we know is that we are the last people on the earth. Occasionally we might think we see other people but they are just the model 6459. Our leader taught us how to destroy the robots but they […]

between the soldiers is a car with weapons to invade the multi billion dollar building. inside the building, we snuck with our ak47s and hand grenades. around us, alarms rang our men shouted fire our guns were blazing. inside the building,  bodies were dropping like flys each person screamed as they fell. within the building, it was a success. around […]

fate is an invisible, colorless force that is a stronger force which some people call God. in this essay I will be talking about fate in Romeo and Juliet. I will be showing you different forms of fate and the way I use them. this play was created by William Shakespeare. Co-incidence of coming across the servant. It was a […]

Romeo killed Paris Juliet and Romeo killed themselves

they had a funeral for Juliet and put in burial

lady capulet was organised the wedding and juliet drank the poshen

Juliet apologised to her dad then drank the poshen. for he hath still been tried a holy man