23rd May 2017

Essay on fate

fate is an invisible, colorless force that is a stronger force which some people call God. in this essay I will be talking about fate in Romeo and Juliet. I will be showing you different forms of fate and the way I use them. this play was created by William Shakespeare.

Co-incidence of coming across the servant.
It was a coincidence that the servant found Romeo and Benvolio which is another form of fate. It was fate that Romeo and  Juliet fell in love in the Capulets party and how they found out they were the opposing house Montague and the Capulets. It was fate that they didn’t stop liking each other after the news of their families having a grudge against each other.perhaps you have learned it without book, but I pray can you read anything you see?

Prologue sets the story out even before it begins – like fate
the prologue is a way for the audience to know a brief outline of the story. The prologue is almost like fate because you know what happens before it happens. the prologue can be another form of fate but it’s not a stronger person like a God. “a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.”

Metaphor “Written in the Stars” – a reference to fate

“written in the stars” means heaven or god controlling what happens to you in your life. in the story Romeo said some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date. Written in the stars means that you know what god is telling you what to do which is another form of fate. “I fear too early for my mind missives”.

plot events

Fate is used in the way Friar John did not get to Romeo with that letter. it was also by chance that there was a plague between the two places which caused Romeo not getting the letter. which by fate that Balthasar told Romeo that Juliet was dead. Romeo hears that Juliet was dead he escaped the place where people get banished to and went into the city. “her body sleeps in capls’ monument


the paradox is a stronger force than you intends two people to kill themselves. a paradox is a form of fate in the way that God is controlling what they do. in the play, Romeo and Juliet God or a stronger force intends that Romeo and Juliet kill themselves by creating these scenarios which lead Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves.
“a dateless bargain to engrossing death”

we have just gone over what fate means and the types of fate. William Shakespeare thought fate was a stronger living being than you. William thinks that fate is God controlling him which he shows in the play, Romeo, and Juliet.









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