11th August 2017

Fall of the Robots

It’s all over, for the robots that we so fondly loved and appreciated, turned against us. All we know is that we are the last people on the earth. Occasionally we might think we see other people but they are just the model 6459. Our leader taught us how to destroy the robots but they are just the most stupid robots. Our electronic mini guns plow through all them. The view is just black ash and old nuke remains with radio active waves but we have breathing masks and invincibility Armour. One action packed day we saw a new bot we think its model is the latest one out and we were right we start firing at it. It managed to dodge every single bullet. we bring out our newest weapon the ark-79 bang it’s dead the explosion of metal was glorious i had never seen anything like it before.the ark is almost like an Uzi but electromode we all celebrated and we all drove back to our base. We all had a detoxicated beer and had a great time. model 6459 entered without us knowing we all at the same time time shot it in the face. We all laughed it came back to life and said that it was programmed to protect us from that moment ford we liked that robot. We named him frank he destroyed every bad bot in sight. There was nothing we could not do so we decided to tern the earth net down. first thing we did was shoot emps into the earth net core base. Then we start throwing our electro grenades and shooting it with our ark-79s. It was a close loss two of our men dyed but we managed to do it. every robot shut down except ours. Now we can restart the world again how it should of been…

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  1. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is a cool story Leithen but this is not a description. Maybe if you work on describing the place where this story happens will help make it more descriptive.

    • i did discribe it if you read it right

      • Leithen, I think it will be useful to have a chat with Kareem to get an idea of what he means – remember a big part of writing successfully is getting your ideas across successfully to your reader – so it will be really useful to gain an insight into what this reader did and didn’t understand.

  3. Good story. You should focus on getting your spaces after sentences and capital letters.

  4. “Explosion of metal was glorious I had never seen anything like” is a really cool way of describing something not so nice, but if you then went into describing how the metal fell, or how your perspective of the scenery changed after the robots are killed it would help the reader relate to your story a bit more.


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